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Agave Amigo values Craftsmanship, Community & Sustainability

Each Mezcal Master creates art when producing an agave spirit. We celebrate the different techniques that are used to create this art. 100% agave distillates only. 

Each Agave Amigo is key to our community, from our club members to our artisanal producers. We celebrate sustainable friendship and the joy of giving back to the community. 

Each step of the agave spirit process has an impact on the flavor of the spirit. We celebrate those who produce in alignment to what is best for the land, the community and the future of the Agave Culture in mind.

A little more about us


(Anglo /əˈɡɑːveɪ/) is a succulent from the hot and arid regions of the Americas, although some Agave species are also native to tropical areas of South America. Agave Spirits such as Mezcal and Tequila are distilled from different types of Agave and both have a denomination of origin in Mexico. They are both Agave Spirits (distillates)


(a·mi·go /əˈmēɡō/) is used to address or refer to a friend, chiefly in Spanish speaking areas. Someone you wish well and feel good vibes from. Someone who reciprocally sees you as equal in value and is proud to call you “friend”. What you can expect from every member at Agave Amigo.

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